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Linda Shore is the Director of the Exploratorium’s Teacher Institute, a staff physicist, the Mistress of Ceremonies for the Iron Science Teacher webcast series, and co-author of The Science Explorer, The Science Explorer Out and About, and The Brain Explorer, Exploratorium activity books for children and their parents. Before joining the Exploratorium in 1993, Linda taught pre-med physics at San Francisco State University, conducted educational research at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and taught science education courses at Boston University. She has a master’s degree in physics and astronomy from San Francisco State University and a doctorate in science education from Boston University. When she’s not at the museum, Linda teaches graduate courses in educational technology at the University of San Francisco and writes science fiction short stories.

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Apr 6th 2014

This is an Exploratorium Teacher Institute professional development course open to any middle or high school science teacher. This course is designed to help science teachers infuse their curriculum with activities that support the NGSS engineering practices.

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