Krystina Schaub




"I’m a tech oriented philosophy student focusing on History of Technology and Philosophy of Language. My academic studies allowed me to acquire strong skills in analyzing problems and structured problem-solving. Motivated by deep personal interest I aquired abilities in programming and general computing, which I’d like to enhance further by gaining more experiences in the working field of information technology. I'm excited by companies with an energetic culture that will expect me to take on a lot of varied work and push myself to learn and excel with unexpected challenges.

I am proficient in front end coding (HTML, CSS, JS), PHP, SQL and continue my education in back end Java and C. I have an ongoing interest in databases and metadata - highly related to my internship and work at Swisscom. I consider myself a quick learner when it comes to picking up logic, syntax and grammar of new programming languages.

In addition to my explorations in coding and computing, I have been featured for literary works and visual based arts. I pride myself on interpersonal skills and have worked as an educator with adults and teenagers."

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Oct 1st 2015

Learn about how our imagination of the universe and its inhabitants was shaped by literature throughout the last 400 years.

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