Kris Olds




Kris is a professor and chairperson of the Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also a Faculty Affiliate in the Department of Educational Policy Studies, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, and the Department of Scandinavian Studies. He is associated with numerous centers in the International Institute including Global Studies, European Studies, the EU Center of Excellence, the Center for German and European Studies, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and the Center for East Asian Studies.

His current research focuses on the globalization of higher education and research. This research agenda relates to his longstanding research interests in the globalization of the services industries (including higher education, architecture, property), and their relationship to urban and regional change.

His teaching focuses on related themes, but especially global cities, cities and development, global elites, global networks, and global economic geographies.

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Mar 24th 2014

This course is designed to examine an array of issues related to the globalization of higher education and research. The main objective of the course is to enable students to better understand how and why universities are engaged in the globalization process, as well as what the key implications of this development process are.

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