Karen Pallesgaard Munk




Karen Pallesgaard Munk is research leader of Center for Research on Ageing and Dementia, VIA University College, Denmark, and associate professor at Aarhus University. Karen has an MSc (psychology) and a PhD in geropsychology. She has a long career as a teacher at the universities in Denmark and as researcher into the psychology of ageing. She has been head of a research center of geropsychology at the Dept. of Psychiatry at the University Hospital in Aarhus and at Aarhus University. She has also been chairman of the Danish Gerontological Society.

Karen has authored many articles and co-authored books on the psychology of ageing. Furthermore, she has developed a research method for analyzing stress and coping strategies for people who suffer from all kinds of burdens in life, among these the burden of being a relative of a person suffering from dementia.

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This is a course primarily meant for people who have a relative suffering from dementia or who suspect dementia in a relative. However, people working professionally in the field can also benefit from the course – especially by obtaining an understanding of the perspectives of the relative of a demented person.

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