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Educated at King Edward VIth Grammar School, Southampton I completed undergraduate and research degrees at Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

I have taught at Royal Holloway since 1990. In recent years I have delivered lectures and papers in many universities in the UK (Cambridge, Oxford, UEA, Southampton, IHR, Kent, Sussex, Edinburgh, York, Sheffield) and Europe (Paris, Leiden, Rotterdam, Wolfenbuttel, Ferrara, Dublin, Madrid, Potsdam, Grenada) as well as a number of North American institutions (Yale University, Princeton University, UCLA, Notre Dame, The Folger, The Williams Andrew Clark, The Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, The University of Alberta, University of Victoria). In 2003-2004 I held the John Hinckley Chair in British History at John Hopkins University, Baltimore.

I am currently President of the Historical Association.

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Jun 15th 2015

This course aims to lead students into a greater appreciation for and an understanding of Magna Carta and its significance around the globe, as we approach the 800th anniversary of its sealing. The course examines why Magna Carta was radical in its day, why it has been a source of numerous debates, and why this anniversary is being celebrated in the present.

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