José Zalaquett

Head of the Project. Lawyer, Universidad de Chile. Doctor Honoris Causa, by the Universities of Notre Dame and City University of New York. Professor, International Human Rights and International Law and the Use of Force, Universidad de Chile Law School. Former professor, Ethics and Government, Master's Program on Public Policy, Universidad de Chile. Visiting Professor, Harvard University, Toronto University, New York University, Maryland University, Notre Dame University and Interamerican Institute for Human Rights. Co-founder and former co-director, Human Rights Center, Universidad de Chile Law School (2002-2011). Commissioner, International Commission of Jurist.
Director, Legal Department of the Peace Cooperation Committee for Chile (1973-1976). Former President, Amnesty International Executive Committee (1979-1982). Commissioner, Chilean Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1990-1991). Former Commissioner and President, Interamerican Commission on Human Rights (2003-2004).
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