Iria Estévez-Ayres




Iria Estévez-Ayres is an assistant professor at the Telematics Engineering Department at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She obtained her Telecommunication Engineering degree from Universidad de Vigo in 2001 and her PhD from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2007. Since 2002 she teaches different programming languages such as assembly, scripting, Java and C. Her research interests focus on Technology-Enhanced Learning.

E.g., 2016-10-21
E.g., 2016-10-21
E.g., 2016-10-21
Oct 4th 2016

Learn to program with Java in an easy and interactive way! This is an introductory course to learn programming with Java. It is comprised of three parts, of which Part 1 introduces programming on the basis of familiar concepts, like calculators and games. This edition is an improved version of the course released in April 2015.

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Apr 26th 2016

Learn the basic principles of software engineering and how to write code and program with Java. In this introductory computer science course you will learn how to program with Java in an easy and interactive way. In Part 2 you will learn how to code good programs in Java, understanding “good” as both correct and efficient.

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