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Dr. Iccha Basnyat joined the Department of Communications & New Media in 2008 as a visiting fellow, and is currently an Assistant Professor in CNM. Her primary research examines the cultural context of health, structural limitations to health, health inequalities, and health experiences at the margins. This line of work examines how the dominant health discourse are constructed and promoted, and in turn how health meanings, choices, and decisions are negotiated in localized cultural spaces. Her research also focuses on public health communication campaigns such that programs can be evaluated, critiqued, and suggested to health practitioners and communication researchers for future initiatives that can bring about more positive social impact. Lastly, her work also explores use of technology among hard to reach, at-risk and marginalized population. Her work is rooted in culturally-centered communication that aims to improve health outcomes through a bottom up approach for social change.

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Perhaps you are familiar with research. You might have learned about research or maybe you conduct research in your life. How is that different from research in Public Relations practice? In this course, you will learn the foundations of research in PR. PR research is applied research.

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