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Hope Forstenzer has been a designer for twenty years, an instructor for twelve, and a glassblower for over ten. A native of New York, her design work has been seen all over the world in multiple languages, and she’s worked for most of the largest ad agencies and some of the biggest companies in the world in both New York and Seattle. As a glass artist she’s appeared in numerous group shows and glass demonstrations in Seattle and Vancouver, and is an instructor and working member of the Terminal City Glass Co-op. Hope is an instructor at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in British Columbia, Canada.

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Aug 31st 2016

Project Management for Designers is intended for students who would like a broad exposure to the field of Design, with a specific interest in administration and management. This curriculum investigates the practical, business side of design: getting organized and staying on-track through timeline projections, cost estimates and workflow charts in order to ensure success and profitability. Students will study the essential paperwork – estimates, memos, model releases, change orders and contact reports – and will look at contracts and copyright issues, and when to get legal and accounting assistance.

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