Helen Chilton




Lecturer in Deaf Education.

My research interests currently include : Theory of Mind in the context of practical intervention; the need for appropriately high expectations of deaf children and the use of new technology in teaching Teachers of the Deaf.

I am module lead for the following elements of the PgDip Deaf Education:

Psyc 60240: Language Acquisition

Psyc 60270: Policy and Practice

I also teach within the followings modules of the PgDip Deaf Education :

Psyc 61230: Audiological Management

Psyc 60260: Developing Deaf Child

Psyc 63020 / 60310 Teaching and Learning

I also oversee the arrangements for Teaching and Learning (Teaching Practice) placements for students on the course. This involves engaging with schools and services, internal and external supervisors.

I am interested in the use of teaching methods which encourage learners to apply theoretical knowledge to real life experiences in deaf education. For example, within the practical teaching I am responsible for in Audiological Management I use innovative methods such as a simulated school (year 2) to support learners in problem solving skills.

I am committed to good quality provision for e-learning students and teach both the on-campus PgDip cohort and the e-blended cohort. I have experience of using new technologies (e.g. Fuze) in order to ensure parity of delivery and provision at a distance.

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If you want to know more about deafness in low and middle income countries this MOOC is for you. It is primarily aimed at those working as health or education professionals, government officials, support workers, NGOs and anyone with a family or personal interest in deafness. It aims to improve knowledge and understanding of this topic.

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