Greg Watson

Greg Watson is a lecturer at Curtin University in the Centre for Human Rights Education and the School of Media, Culture Studies and Creative Arts. He has also taught at a number of other Universities in Western Australia. He has an interdisciplinary teaching and research background that includes theology, social sciences, social justice, education and human rights education. Greg gained a MTheol in 2008 with his dissertation, Liberation at the Crossroads: Where Divinity and Humanity Embrace. In 2015, Greg was awarded his PhD (Human Rights Education) for his doctoral thesis which considers how society counters prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes, via a grassroots strategy known as Human Library. His research interests include: anti-prejudice methods; intersectionality; community education; and identity development.
Greg enhances his lecturing and research via his ongoing activism and advocacy work with the Human Library Organisation. He is the Australia Contact Office for the Human Library Organization as well as the Co-ordinator for Human Library in Perth, Western Australia.

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Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change (edX)

Feb 3rd 2020
Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change (edX)
Course Auditing
Learn about the role of social movements, advocacy groups and activism in bringing about social change. It covers a range of social movement theories and concepts and explores specific movements and campaigns to illustrate the diversity of movement philosophies, methods and outcomes.
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