Gonzalo Sánchez Arriaga




Gonzalo Sánchez Arriaga, Aerospace Engineer and Astrophysicist, has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering (Outstanding Thesis Award). He is currently Assistant Professor at UC3M, Department of Bioeng. and Aerospace Engineering. He has taught courses on General Physics, Analytical Mechanics and Flight Mechanics. His research interests include plasma physics, space electrodynamic tethers and wind energy generation using power kites.

He has participated in several national and European projects and published more than 25 articles in ISI Journals. Some of these works were carried out throughout pre-doctoral stays in Kyushu University (Japan) and Nice Observatory (France) and a two-year postdoctoral contract at CEA (France). His is author of two registered codes and has been co-advisor of two PhD theses.

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Feb 9th 2016

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