Fiona O'Neill




I went into nursing when I left school working as a general nurse and a psychiatric nurse in Manchester. Those early experiences ignited a career long passion to contribute to making health care better. I have worked in a number of policy and practice development roles and undertaken research following the succesful achievement of a doctorate that looked at the politics of nursing in 2000. Patients want opportunities to take part in clinical research and clinical research has a vital part to play in the health and wealth of our community. I contribute to this by ensuring that our workforce have the right training and development to deliver safe and effective clinical research.

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May 22nd 2017

Find out how medical treatments are discovered, tested and evaluated, to improve healthcare for all, on this free online course. Everything we do in healthcare - every tablet that’s prescribed, every treatment that’s given and every test that’s performed - has to be first discovered and then thoroughly evaluated before it can be put into practice.

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