Emmanuel Maës




Emmanuel Maes is a research engineer of CNRS institute and he works in UGSF (“Unité de Glycobiologie Structurale et Fonctionnelle”, i.e. Laboratory of Structural and Functional Glycobiology) located on the University Lille1 campus. He is a glycobiologist using NMR as a main tool to resolve the primary structure of large kinds of glycans.

He is the webmaster of the “GLYCOBASE” (http://glycobase.univ-lille1.fr), a database which compiles lots of glycanic structures isolated and characterized mainly by NMR and mass spectrometry in his lab by Dr. Strecker during his work life. Dr E. Maes invented the SOACS index as a tool, based on 1H NMR chemical shifts, to found easily a compiled and identified structure in his database. Now, he is the technical advisor of the PAGés platform. PAGés is a platform dedicated to glycans analysis from various sources.

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