Doug Scott




Doug Scott is a Senior Expert in McKinsey's Chicago office and Social Sector Practice. Doug's core focus has been on education with a specific emphasis in talent development and performance transformation. At McKinsey, he has worked on major initiatives geared towards teacher effectiveness, student access, and strategic resource allocation.

Doug led the effort to revise McKinsey's Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) to improve usability and add a full module for Advocacy Organizations. The original tool has been used by thousands of funders and nonprofits, and has been translated into 11 languages.

Doug's education experience is built on 5 years as a Partner with The New Teacher Project(TNTP), a national organization focused on improving teacher quality. At TNTP, Doug led programs across a wide range of high-needs school systems and states.

Doug received an A.B. from Harvard College in Psychology, as well as an MBA from Kellogg in 2007.

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Backing an organization's programmatic work through thoughtful assessment of its capacity is a critical step towards making nonprofits stronger and more effective. In this course, students will analyze their organization's current capacity and prioritize ways to further impact.

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