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Daniel Pérez graduated in Aerospace Engineering with a specialty in Propulsion Systems at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in early 2010; he completed his Master´s Thesis at TU Delft working on characterization of Cold Gas Thrusters for Nano-Satellites. He went on to work at various renowned companies such as MOOG, Airbus Military and Rolls-Royce; carrying out different roles in projects such as ESA´s ATV, the Airbus A-400M and leading the Emerging Technologies department at Rolls-Royce. He is currently a PhD student on “Plasma Physics” at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; his research area is Magnetic Topologies in Hall Effect Thrusters and other Electric Space Propulsion Systems.

As a Propulsion Specialist, he will be developing content for the course in relation to propulsion topics; also, as a long time science-fiction fan, he will bring additional content and discussions on the science and feasibility behind some of the more extravagant concepts proposed in the conquest of Space!

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Feb 9th 2016

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