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Claus Ebster is an associate professor of marketing and business administration at the University of Vienna and president of Market Mentor, a consulting company specializing in marketing strategy, consumer research and store design. As a researcher, Claus Ebster has focused on studies related to store design, environmental psychology, merchandising and sales techniques, which he has published in international academic marketing journals. As an educator, he has for over a decade taught courses in store design, consumer behavior, marketing research and marketing strategy. As a consultant, he has advised both retailers and service businesses on the effective use of store design and merchandising techniques. Claus Ebster holds an MBA from Fordham University, NY, a Master of Science in Marketing from Northwestern University, IL and a PhD from the University of Vienna.

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May 4th 2015

Have you ever wondered how the retail environment influences your shopping behavior? In this course you will learn the secrets of how marketers can use factors like colors, scents, store layouts and merchandise presentations to influence consumers.

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