Caroline Park




Dr. Caroline Park is a Professor and Chair of Graduate Programs in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University, and is heavily involved in blended and online teaching and research into mobile technologies in clinical education.

Over the past twelve years, she has been experimenting with course design, student interaction and specific tools such as Wiki, Marginalia and videos, as well as developing teaching strategies for paced online delivery. Dr. Park participated in the early MOOCS facilitated by Downs, Cormier and Seimens and another on Disruptive Technologies.

After receiving a BN at the University of Manitoba she was a practicing nurse and nurse educator for 20 years in Canada, the UK and the US. Following the receipt of an MEd and PhD in Educational Administration at the University of Alberta she was a government policy advisor and then joined Athabasca University, writing one of the inaugural courses in the Masters of Health Studies. She has been with AU since 1999.

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Learn how online education differs from traditional classrooms while you explore and develop your own personal strategies for online learning success. You will be guided through an interactive investigation and self-reflection process to help you determine your learning preferences and create your own personal strategy for successful online learning. We will address common misconceptions, frustrations and fears about online learning and introduce techniques to help overcome such obstacles.

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