Carmen Fernández Panadero




Carmen Fernández Panadero received her MSc degree in Physical Science from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1996 and her PhD degree in Communications Technologies from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in 2004. In 1997 she worked for Andersen Consulting in projects related with multimedia and Internet programming. Since 1999 she is Assistant Professor at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, teaching Java. Her present work focuses on artifacts and methodologies supported by TEL for creating meaningful learning experiences.

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Apr 25th 2017

Learn to enhance your code by using fundamental data structures and powerful algorithms in Java. In this introductory course, you will learn programming with Java in an easy and interactive way. You will learn about fundamental data structures, such as lists, stacks, queues and trees, and presents algorithms for inserting, deleting, searching and sorting information on these data structures in an efficient way.

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Self Paced

Learn to program with Java in an easy and interactive way! This is an introductory course to learn programming with Java. It is comprised of three parts, of which Part 1 introduces programming on the basis of familiar concepts, like calculators and games. This edition is an improved version of the course released in April 2015.

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