Byung Ho Lee




My main research areas are the comparative and historical sociology, political sociology, nationalism, and military sociology. As native Korean, I had been educated in Korea University, where I obtain B.A (1998) and Masters completion (2003) in sociology. I also studied at the National University of Singapore as an exchange student in 2002. I have also pursued my interests in East Asian and military history, Buddhist philosophy, and Chinese classics. I still thrill with the Chinese history books like the "Red Stars over China", and "The Seeds of Destruction".

My tentative research schme is the 'social origins of nation-state making and war-making in Korea and Vietnam during postcolonial era'. The formation of military elite class in South Korea and North Korea is also planning to be elaborated.

Before joining Michigan, I engaged several social activities form officer to full time journalist. During my undergraduate, I was a member of ROTC in Korea. Since my country still holds the conscription system for male, I served in the Korean Army as a first lieutenant in the east coast of Korea peninsular in 1998-2000.

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Jul 22nd 2013

The purpose of this course is to summarize some of the new directions in Chinese history and Chinese social science produced by the discovery and analysis of new historical data, in particular archival documents and datasets, and to organize this knowledge in a framework that encourages learning about China in comparative perspective.

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