Björn Rettig




Bjorn is the Senior Director for Technical Content in the Learning Experiences team at Microsoft, a husband, a father of two STEM girls, and proud geek. #DFTBA!

After 23 years at Microsoft in different engineering roles Bjorn got exposed to MOOCs through an intern in his team. He then set his goal to join the Learning Experience team to be part of the learning revolution. The French revolution was also exciting, but this one has fewer guillotines, which is a pretty big plus in his book.

Björn has worked for most of his career in the area of globalization engineering. If only he had the frequent flier miles to show for it he’d be writing this from Maui. He’s the inventor of the Multilingual User Interface, the Language Interface Packs, and holds five other software patents. He founded the Microsoft World Ready Guides in 2001 and co-authored the 2nd Edition of Developing International Software in 2001 under the assumed name “Dr. International,” which, sadly, the authorities would not print on his passport for some reason they would not fully explain.

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