Bernard Dov Cooperman

Professor Cooperman has edited two volumes of essays, co-authored a book on the Ghetto of Venice, translated and contributed an Afterword to Jacob Katz' Tradition and Crisis, and written two books which will be published soon. In addition he has written some eleven articles. He has organized numerous professional conferences and consults frequently with museums and libraries for exhibits in his field. He has been a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, has been a Lilly Fellow (1994-95), and has served as Director of the Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies 1991-1997.
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Practicing Tolerance in a Religious Society: The Church and the Jews in Italy (Coursera)

What social and ideological mechanisms allowed Jews to survive and even flourish in Catholic Italy? And under what circumstances did the practice of tolerance break down? This course takes a different approach to the idea of tolerance, as well as to the long, complicated history of the Catholic Church [...]
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