Andrés Garcés Osado




Andrés is a Lecture Professor in Inorganic Chemistry at Rey Juan Carlos University since 2005, and he obtained his Ph. D. at the University of Alcala de Henares (Spain) in 2001. Trained as an organometallic chemist, he has focused his research on the field of the synthesis of novel organometallic catalysts with applications in the process of polymerization of different olefins and cyclic esters monomers. The results of this research have been published in high-impact peer-reviewed journals within the broad area of inorganic chemistry. During his career he has combined his research activities with teaching inorganic and general chemistry at all levels to students in chemistry and related sciences. He has also published pioneering articles in the field of learning related with the implementation of new interactive teaching styles to enhance the engagement of students with the field of inorganic chemistry.

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Oct 10th 2016

This course deals with the study of the basis in the metal and metalloid elements of the so-called Main Groups in the Periodic Table and their important role in Our Daily Life. During the course, students will address the dissemination of the most relevant physical and chemical properties of these elements, which are commonly treated in a specific inorganic chemistry course, through the assistance of spectacular lab videos. In addition, the obtaining process of the most industrially demanded elements as well as basic chemicals derived from them, in conjunction with the study of their amazing applications in our daily life, will be extensively covered. The management of these skills are really valuable across many related occupations. This course is great for anyone to start their studies in inorganic chemistry or individuals simply interested in understanding how these elements impact in our daily life. The review of essential key concepts in inorganic and general chemistry.

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