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Ana is a Doctor of Psychology and a professor with tenure at the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology at the University of Barcelona (Spain).She directs the research team of Psychopharmacology and Drug Addiction at the Neuropsychology group at the University of Barcelona. For over 20 years Dr. Adan has coordinated studies and lectured on many different subjects within Psychology, at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level. She is currently the coordinator of the Psychology Faculty's undergraduate Psychopharmacology course and the Addictions course which is part of the Masters in General Health Psychology program. Ana Adan is also the director of the online IL3-UB Masters in Drug Addiction. Dr Adan has published over 150 papers, with an “h” index of visibility and impact factor of 23. She is on the editorial committee of a number of specialist journals and is also part of the scientific committee for different clinical trials, and reports acting as an expert for the Spanish Ministry of Health.

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Jan 26th 2015

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