Allison P. Leach




Allison's areas of expertise include student-teacher interactions and early Language and Literacy. She is a trainer and consultant of an observational measure for classrooms called the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS™). She works with others at CASTL to use the CLASS™ as an assessment and professional development tool in early childhood and other educational settings. She served as the Instructor Coordinator for the National Center for Research on Early Childhood Education (NCRECE) Professional Development Study. She has also worked in the development and testing of interventions designed to improve the quality of teachers’ interactions with students – including MyTeachingPartner (MTP™).


M.Ed., University of Virginia, 1995

B.A., University of Connecticut, 1991

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Oct 22nd 2013

During the early childhood years children gain knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for later learning. Young children learn many of these skills through the interactions they have with their teachers. This course is intended to increase teachers’ knowledge about specific types of teacher-child interactions that promote young children’s development. The course will focus on helping teachers to offer emotionally supportive interactions to the children in their care.

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