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Andrew Chignell is an Associate Professor in Cornell's Susan Linn Sage School of Philosophy. His work focuses on Enlightenment philosophy (especially Immanuel Kant), though he also works in contemporary epistemology, aesthetics, and philosophy of religion. He was born in Dundee, Scotland, but lost his Scottish accent when his family moved him (at age 4) to the Chicago area. He grew up eating a lot of casseroles, and only got interested in thinking philosophically about food eight years ago when his best friend (also a philosophy professor) suddenly converted from being a dedicated grill master-hunter-fisherman-carnivore to being a dedicated vegan.

Andrew is co-editing a volume (with Matthew Halteman and Terence Cuneo) entitled Philosophy Comes to Dinner: Arguments over the Ethics of Eating (Routledge 2015) and contributing to the forthcoming Oxford Handbook to Food Ethics (eds. Barnhill, Doggett, and Egan). He received his Ph.D. at Yale.

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Apr 15th 2015

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