Universarium mission is to provide an opportunity for millions of people to get high quality education from the best Russian professors of leading Russian universities.


- to create multi university educational platform which provides the consumers of educational services with high quality education

- to shape and develop talented staff for Russian industry and economy.

Main principles:

- Involvement of leading Russian universities and professors

- Availability of education

- Creation of active educational environment with up- to -date technologies and methods

- Practical orientation of some courses to the needs and requirements of the employers providing possibilities for employment

Social functions:

- Increase of interest and attraction to education

- Availability of education for a wide range of the audience

- Provision of students from remote parts of Russia and abroad with possibilities to obtain executive and vocational education

- Availability of education for individuals with special needs

- Promotion of Russian language abroad as one of a leading languages for communication

More info: http://universarium.org/

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