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Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations (MOOC-Ed)

Our world is rich with data sources, and technology makes data more accessible than ever before! To help ensure students are future ready to use data for making informed decisions, many countries around the world have increased the emphasis on statistics and data analysis in school curriculum–from elementary/primary grades [...]
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Teaching Mathematics with Technology (MOOC-Ed)

Technology is an essential component of today’s workplace and is a ubiquitous component of our society. Technology can be a useful tool to support students’ engagement in and learning of mathematics. This course allows you to learn, along with colleagues from other schools and around the world, instructional practices [...]
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Se former pour l’ICN Informatique et Création Numérique (FUN)

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Se former pour l’ICN Informatique et Création Numérique (FUN)
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Les lycéennes et lycéens de toutes sections commencent à apprendre de l'informatique pour ne plus être de simples consommateurs mais devenir créateur du numérique : c’est l’enseignement de l'option "Informatique et Création Numérique, I.C.N.", de la seconde à la terminale pour toutes les sections.
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