Sep 11th 2017

World Music (Open2Study)

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Discover a world of music exploring your community or family to learn how music represents cultural identity. The objective of the course is to stimulate you to become a cultural explorer in your own community by discovering music traditions outside the normal day-to-day music heard on mass media. In the event that your community is small with minimum diversity then you are encouraged to explore your own cultural family heritage. Each module will build the your listening skills using the basic musical elements of Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Texture and Dynamics progressively. This is to aid you in listening and analysing the cultural musics used in the course. Each module includes basic musical, cultural and ethnomusicological concepts.

What will you learn?

- Develop an understanding of musical concepts

- Learn about how four different tradition express cultural music

- Apply techniques for gathering and documenting World Music performances

- Define what World Music represents and how to find and access world music communities in your local environment

- Develop an appreciation of different musical traditions and how they create cultural identity.

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