Windows Server 2016: Virtualization (edX)

Windows Server 2016: Virtualization (edX)
Learn how Windows Server virtualization works and use Hyper-V to efficiently administer server workloads. A common way of maximizing resources, server virtualization enables the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers. It’s a key skill in today’s IT world and you can learn it here!

This self-paced course will help you understand and implement the components of the Hyper-V role. This includes how to implement virtualization technologies, implement and configure Hyper-V virtual hard disks and virtual machines, and how to use Windows Server Containers and Docker.

Through videos, discussions, hands-on labs, and assessments you will put in place the appropriate virtualization strategy for your Windows Server environment.

What you'll learn

- What virtualization technologies are available and when they should be used

- How to configure Hyper-V, virtual machines, virtual storage, and virtual networks

- How to use Windows Server containers with Docker.