Windows Server 2016: Infrastructure (edX)

Windows Server 2016: Infrastructure (edX)
Accelerate your IT career in a cloud-enabled world by learning the basics of Windows Server computing. Interested in gaining the basic skills needed to use Windows Server technology? Want to power the next generation of optimized networks, applications, and web services? This course is for you!

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An introduction to Windows Server, this self-paced course provides the basic knowledge required to install and administer the Windows Server 2016 server operating system.

Through videos, discussions, hands-on labs, and assessments, you will put in place the appropriate installation and migration strategy, as well as set up the logical and physical components for your Windows Server environment.

What you'll learn:

- Windows Server 2016 installation and installation options, including Nano Server.

- The logical components of AD DS, such as forests, domains, sites, and trusts.

- The physical components of AD DS, such as domain controllers and global catalog servers.

- Administering Window Server, including tooling, backup and restore.


- Learners should have some general understanding of client and server architectures.

- As Windows PowerShell will be used to implement features in this course, learners should have a good foundation in accessing and using simple Windows PowerShell commands.

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