Aug 2nd 2016

Who’s Counting: An Interactive Introduction to Accounting (CDU)

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Have you ever thought about Accounting as a career choice? With a refreshing, funky approach, this course will introduce you to the basic concepts, principles and techniques of being an accountant. You will learn about the importance of accounting in modern societies and have the opportunity to explore two different Accounting specialisations- Financial Accounting and Management Accounting.

You can complete only the parts that interest you or the entire course. There are three self-paced modules:

Module 1- Principles of Accounting

Module 2- Financial Accounting

Module 3- Management Accounting

Complete two modules for course completion, or just browse the parts that interest you.

This MOOC is being offered partially in Chinese (Mandarin) and fully in English as a partner project between Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia and Anhui Normal University, Wuhu, China. Sign up for this interactive course to see if Accounting is for you! Course begins March 8, 2016.