Aug 9th 2016

Web Development and Design for Artists (kadenze)

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In today’s digitally connected world, an engaging, distinctive website is a necessity for artists, musicians, designers, and creators. This course provides an introduction to website design and development for artists, providing the tools to create and maintain a unique online identity. In this course, you will learn how to build a custom website for your online artistic presence and portfolio, and will be taught how to leverage content management systems to develop and manage your site.

You will also learn how to further customize their site with HTML, CSS, and PHP, three building blocks of the modern Web. This class will teach essential skills for designing and organizing their website, so you can create a site that is both visually distinctive and engaging. Over weekly assignments, you will develop an actual, live website from simple HTML to a full-featured site with galleries, analytics, social media integration, and other advanced features.


Course opens August 9, 2016

Session 1: Introduction to the Web; Domains and Web hosting

How the Web works; domain names, servers, and hosting; how to choose a domain name, and purchasing your domain name and hosting.

Session 2: HTML5, CSS, PHP

HTML is the cornerstone of the Web. In this session, we will look at how HTML5 and CSS work in tandem to define the structure and style of a Web page. PHP is used to generate dynamic content.

Session 3: Managing Content with Wordpress

Installing a content management system on your site, and using it to build your site quickly and focus on the essentials of your site’s content and design.

Session 4: Design overview, content integration, information architecture, etc.

How design affects the interpretation of your website; Gestalt psychology and theories of visual perception; the Web design toolbox.

Session 5: Theming & Customization

Themes define the overall structure, organization, and visual identity of your site. In this session we discuss how to choose the right theme for your site, and using HTML, CSS, and PHP to customize your theme.

Session 6: Typography

Characteristics of text and fonts and their effect on Web design.

Session 7: Wordpress Plugins, Social Media, Analytics

Essential Wordpress plugins for further customizing and improving your site. How to integrate social media into your site, and using analytics to understand how visitors use your site.

Session 8: Advanced Web Development

Using advanced features of HTML, CSS, and PHP to give your site polish, style, and responsiveness.