Aug 7th 2017

Water in a Thirsty World (Open2Study)

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This subject explores the world of water management on a drying planet. In this subject you will take the journey of water - how it began, and its availability today in light of global warming and urbanisation. You will see that the natural environment is reaching a threshold, and the impact that has for us and the water supplies that we rely on. We will answer the questions -what are organisations and policy makers doing to secure our water future? How is society working together towards climate resilience?

We’ll look at examples from around the world, learn about a vast range of technologies like desalination, and you’ll understand what’s involved in sustainable thinking and decision making. We’ll also explore the world of wastewater, and how its treatment is vital to the protection of health and the environment; and how wastewater can be recycled into pure drinking water.

What will you learn?

- The water cycle and the impact that climate change is having on our water sources

- The natural processes that cleanse wastewater

- The water sources and infrastructure a society needs to grow

- The wastewater treatment process, and how treated wastewater is managed

- How sustainability and community engagement is incorporated into water planning

- What desalination is and how it works

- What is involve in the processes of Ground Water Replenishment and Managed Aquifer Recharge

- How wastewater is recycled and reused

- The issues presented by ongoing reliance on dams as a water supply, and some creative solutions to them

- Water issues around the world through examples from Israel and Palestine, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India and sub-Saharan Africa

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