Voices of Social Change (Coursera)

Voices of Social Change (Coursera)
At a time of political unrest, environmental uncertainty, and lingering inequalities, young social change-makers are leading the way to counter the today’s challenges. What are you doing to create sustainable, positive change? Voices of Social Change is a free online short course co-designed and delivered by eight young social entrepreneurs. Follow in the footsteps of these young change-makers who had an idea, a desire to make an impact, and converted that into real-world change. Today, they’re enhancing the lives of millions of people around the world.

Powered by Laureate International Universities in partnership with the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and B Lab, Voices of Social Change will provide the scaffolding and network to support your next move – whether it be helping your local community, starting a new venture, or elevating your existing initiative.

Learn from those who have experienced the wins and losses of social enterprise, connect with other like-minded change-makers asking the same questions you are, and walk away with your own action plan.

What You Will Learn

- Identify your intrinsic motivators and determine a focus area to start your social change journey

- Explore and apply design thinking as a tool to enact social change in your community

- Deliver a tangible, actionable plan to make a difference in yourself, your community and to the greater movement for social change

- Expand your social change network, and reflect on and assess strengths and weaknesses in your skillset to enhance your social change journey


Week 1: Finding your Intrinsic Motivation

Welcome to Voices of Social Change. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to make positive, lasting social change in any context. In this course there are five (5) modules, which can be taken over five (5) weeks. Each module has a number of lessons, in which there are videos, readings and activities for you to learn from. Start here, by watching the two videos below, which will initiate your journey towards shaping the future!

Week 2: Community Needs Assessment

Week 3: First Steps Towards Action

Week 4: Scaling, Business Model and Networking

Week 5: Reflect, Connect, Deliver