Oct 3rd 2016

Videos for teaching, learning and communication (ECO Project)

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Creating videos for teaching, learning and communication. From basic to interactive videos depending on the learner and their goals.

Learning goals:

- Learners should have the know-how to pass skills onto other learners and create new courses based on the model.

- Understand how to create a basic video from the equipment you already have, and to search for and use free editing tools.

- Have the basic know-how to design, create, upload, download, embed and utilise new and existing video for teaching, learning and communication.

- Know how to collaborate and cooperate using web 2.0 technology in a manner that is appropriate and protects privacy and safety online.

- Learners will have choices throughout the MOOC to move onto more advanced levels, or complete the basic tasks.


Open to all who have the ability to pass on the skills they learn on this course. They should have access to web 2.0 tools, the internet, a camera and editing software. However, this can be achieved via ‘borrowed’ or ‘shared’ equipment, through collaboration, work or school. The assumption is equipment will be available and a learner should be able to learn the techniques with the most basic of technical skills.

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