Sep 21st 2015

Take Your Medicine: Developing New Drug Products (edX)

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Discover how new drugs are developed, tested, approved and marketed.

Medicine has eradicated or eased the symptoms of many diseases. This course reveals how new drugs go from research innovation to a medicine that can be prescribed to patients. You’ll learn the process, challenges and issues in developing pharmaceutical products. Drug development is a dynamic field where innovation and entrepreneurship are necessary to keep up with health care expectations, strict regulations and tightening development budgets. An overview of drug development, approval, and consumer issues will be presented and discussed in the context of research practices, science, marketing, public welfare and business.

Participants from all backgrounds and interest, including scientists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and the general public, are encouraged to participate.

What you'll learn:

- Overview of drug development, approval and marketing processes

- Understand the role of research in the development of new drugs

- Identify key stakeholders and issues concerning pharmaceuticals

- Discuss the issues and considerations of manufacturing pharmaceuticals

- Discuss the role of the FDA in regulations and product approvals

- Understand the financial investment necessary to “bring a drug to market"