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Understanding Digital Marketing Channels (DBA)

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This course is about understanding how customers can be reached online, why you would want to reach them, and which tools make it easy. The course breaks down online marketing by explaining how different methods are used and how you can measure if they are being effective.

What will I learn?

- What a funnel is and how it’s used to measure marketing efforts

- What SEO is and how to grow it

- What content marketing is

- What permission marketing is

- How to use different types of paid marketing, like Facebook Ads and AdWords

- How the product you marketing effects your marketing approach

Who is it for?

- You are building a digital business

- You have an idea of what customers you would like to attract, but not sure how to reach them

- You understand traditional marketing, but are not sure how to start with digital tools

What’s involved?

- Introduction

- Inbound Marketing: SEO

- Inbound Marketing: Content

- Permission Marketing

- Paid Advertising

- How your product is marketing