Jun 13th 2016

Understanding Autism, Asperger's & ADHD (Canvas net)

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This course was developed by the University of Derby to help raise awareness and encourage communication and education about autism, Asperger's and ADHD. One of the most common childhood conditions, ADHD can continue through adolescence and into adulthood (NICE, 2013). In the UK alone, around 700,000 people are on the autism spectrum (National Autism Society, 2016).

As a participant in this course, you will look at several key themes around both autism and ADHD in order to obtain skills to help people with these conditions. You will hear from industry experts and those with personal experience with autism and ADHD.

The course consists of six units, each of which is badged separately.

During this course you can expect to:

- Learn to demonstrate a critical, evidence-based approach to autism and ADHD.

- Learn how to compare, contrast and critique the differences within and between the experience of living with autism and ADHD and related comorbid conditions.

- Acquire knowledge and understanding to support people with autism and ADHD.

- Receive a platform for worldwide discussions between peer learners in order to initiate communication and build connections.