Sep 10th 2014

Transnational Radio Stories (OnlineRadioMaster)

TRANSNATIONAL RADIO STORIES wants to investigate how radio crosses borders, tells stories and shapes identities. Join us for an international discussion on how radio works and fascinates us.

What does radio do best?

Telling stories: In a radio play, a feature, or in a call-in show.

And: Radio does not stop at borders, but crosses them – as a podcast, as an international service or as a cooperative broadcast.

Together with radio enthusiasts from all over the world, we want to investigate the interaction between these two attributes of radio in our MOOC Transnational Radio Stories.

Within eight weeks, students and people who are interested in radio can learn how radio shapes identity, how it tells stories, what constitutes the sound of radio – and how all this can be analyzed with the methods of radio research. An international team of authors, consisting of radio researchers and practitioners, provides the basics of radio studies and insights into current research.

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