Jan 16th 2017

Training healthcare teams in intercultural communication and patient safety (IENE5 Team)

This MOOC examines three key areas of learning: intercultural communication; multicultural/multidisciplinary teams and patient safety

More specifically this MOOC will address the following:

- What is intercultural communication?

- What are the characteristics of effective intercultural communication and how can we achieve them?

- What do we mean by Multicultural/Multidisciplinary Healthcare Teams (MMHT)?

- Why is effective intercultural communication essential to MMHT?

- What challenges do MMHTs face in learning to communicate through the cultural boundaries of each other’s cultures?

- What is patient safety?

- Why do we need to be concerned about it?

- Why effective intercultural communication within MMHT is the key to patient safety?

If you are a health professional I hope that this short course will help you to reflect deeply on your practice and that of your colleagues; if you are or have been a patient, I believe that as a human being you will also benefit by reading and discussing some of the content in this course with others who are following it.

Language taught in: English (United Kingdom) with some content and discussion in Greek, Italian, Danish, Romanian.

This MOOC was developed by the IENE5 team.

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