Mar 21st 2016

Through my Eyes – Intellectual Disability Healthcare around the World (edX)

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Learn, from personal stories, the daily life and challenges faced by those with intellectual disabilities. This health course focuses on the stories of people with intellectual disabilities around the world, as well as their families and supporters. You will learn about the challenges and aid received in healthcare for people with intellectual disabilities, including their experience of specific syndromes and communication difficulties, and how they stay healthy. Learners will also hear from family members as they discuss complex care, rare syndromes, early death, and planning for independence. The end of the course will focus on the history of treatment, the impact of rights’ movements on healthcare delivery, common health conditions, and health promotion.

This course is open to anyone, but will be of particular relevance to those in the field of advanced medical, allied health, and disability. This course can also be used as workforce education for medical professionals in this field.

What you'll learn:

- Insights into the daily life of those with intellectual disabilities and their families.

- Challenges and obstacles experienced and how these are overcome.

- Specific healthcare needs and how to promote good health for people with an intellectual disability.