Apr 18th 2014

Textile Fundamentals MOOC (Marist College)

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Textiles are everywhere, from the apparel you wear to the furniture in your home—this 4-module course will help you understand it from fiber to finishing. The lessons of this course will include: Fibers, Yarns, Woven or Knitted Fabrics, Dyes, Prints and Finishes. Fast-paced and relying heavily on high-quality photographs of real garments, you can immediately apply this knowledge to your daily life or to your work in the fashion industry.

Although they are designed to be completed on a weekly basis, users may progress through the sections entirely at their own pace. Once three modules have been completed, a quiz will be administered and participants will be able to move forward through the next three. Quizzes assess completion of course content and can be taken multiple times.

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