May 1st 2016

China (Part 7): Invasions, Rebellions and the Fall of Imperial China (edX)

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Part 7 includes an overview of modern Chinese history, then covers the fall of the Qing dynasty and the end of imperial China. China (Part 7): Invasions, Rebellions and the Fall of Imperial China is the seventh of ten parts of ChinaX, that collectively span over 6,000 years of history. Each part consists of 4 to 8 weekly "modules," each with videos, readings, interactive engagements, assessments, and discussion forums. There are a total of 52 modules in ChinaX.

What you'll learn:

- An overview of modern Chinese history; learn about Qing’s forced re-encounter and engagement with the West and its ideas and technology, the impact of imperialism and dynastic decline, culminating with the fall of the Qing dynasty.

- Skills to analyze and understand primary sources within their historical context, particularly the writings of intellectuals wrestling with the confrontation of western ideas and technology.

- The historiography of periodization and how one can define the modern period.

- To develop your own approaches to history and gain a critical appreciation of China’s literary, philosophical, political and cultural resources.

- To express ideas more clearly and confidently; to think more analytically and critically through the study of primary and secondary sources.