Nov 2nd 2015

Sustainable mobility: technical and environmental challenges for the automotive sector (IFP School)

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The subject will be addressed from many different perspectives such as the economic context and regulations, fuel specifications and production in the refining industry, engines and post-treatment systems design, vehicles hybridization, biofuels, mobility of tomorrow. The evaluation will include a “serious game” designed as a video game: you will optimize the fuel production in a refinery and also the engine settings to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

After successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:

- Identify the different energies sources, the importance of oil and how it is used in transport and its consequences regarding the environment

- Explain the operation of a 4-stroke engine

- Explain the specifications of gasoline and diesel and the objectives of each unit during the crude refining process

- Explain the engine’s efficiency, the power and the torque

- Explain the formation of pollutant emissions, identify the techniques used to reduce emissions and consumption and finally identify the different after treatment systems

- List the pros and the cons of hybrids and explain how they work; list the various alternative fuels used, and finally describe possible solutions for reducing dependency on petroleum products –e.g. car sharing or ecodriving.