Mar 23rd 2015

Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in the Writing Classroom (Canvas net)

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At Beacon College, the premiere accredited four-year college exclusively for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and other learning differences, research-based, student-centered writing pedagogy is embedded into the curriculum. However, many writing instructors at other educational institutions have not had significant training in teaching students with learning disabilities. This short program of study will explore strategies to help students with learning disabilities become more comfortable with the writing process in the classroom environment.

While the course is aimed to help instructors of writing better accommodate their students, parents of students with learning disabilities, as well as the students themselves, may find this course useful.

Together, we will explore:

- Types of learning disabilities that make writing difficult

- Effective classroom practices

- Individual student conferencing strategies

- Assistive technology

Join us for a rich and much-needed discussion on how to help our students with learning disabilities succeed in writing.