Strategic and Transformational IT (edX)

Strategic and Transformational IT (edX)
Learn about the explosion of technologies that are transforming business and how to strategically leverage technologies to maximize the value--and minimize the risk--to your firm. This course will help you assess the most critical technologies that affect your business sector and how you can manage them to realize efficiencies.

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We’ll discuss when and how to appropriately commoditize the data these technologies product and ultimately, how the strategic deployment of technology can transform an organization.

New technologies and “big data” have transformed every facet of business, from accounting to marketing. Technologies like social media, ecommerce platforms, mobile devices, software services, the cloud, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things have created new business processes and products, while displacing and disrupting many others. In order to stay competitive, business leaders need to understand these emerging technologies, assess their inherent opportunities and challenges, and strategically maneuver the organization to maximize the value--and minimize the risk--of technology.

What you will learn

- How information technology is transforming work, organizations, markets, and the economy.

- The interplay between organizational strategy and technology.

- Considerations in making strategic investments and decisions involving technology

- Key issues in implementing different kinds of systems, including enterprise resource platforms, customer relationship management tools, and knowledge management and business intelligence applications.

- How to address IT governance and manage organizational change

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