May 4th 2015

Store Design, Visual Merchandising and Shopper Marketing (iversity)

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Have you ever wondered how the retail environment influences your shopping behavior? In this course you will learn the secrets of how marketers can use factors like colors, scents, store layouts and merchandise presentations to influence consumers.

In an age of self-service stores, saturated markets, and ever more demanding customers, the creative and science-driven design of the point of sale has become a crucial success factor for both retailers and service businesses. In this MOOC, you will be introduced to shopper marketing. You will learn to understand shopping behavior and how to optimize the design of retail stores and service environments to increase customer satisfaction and sales. While the focus is on the practical applicability of the concepts discussed, the MOOC is also firmly grounded in consumer and psychological research. In the lessons, I will draw on both the recent research literature and my own experience in marketing consulting and consumer research.

The topics covered in the MOOC are:

• Store layout: Influencing how shoppers navigate the store

• Helping shopper orientation in the store

• Store design factors

• Visual merchandising techniques

• Influencing the store atmosphere

• Experiential store design: Making shopping fun

• Specific applications of store design principles

By the end this MOOC, you will have developed an understanding of consumer behavior at the point of sale and be able to apply this knowledge to the (re)design of retail spaces and service environments.

Specifically, you will:

• appreciate the relevance of shopper marketing and store design

• understand the goals of store and servicescape design

• be able to apply environmental psychology principles to the design of retail and service spaces

• understand the effect of sensory clues such as music, scents and colors on shopping behavior

• understand how emotions influence shopping decisions and be able to trigger emotions in shoppers

• understand the importance of experiential marketing and store design

• be able to influence consumer behavior with specific store design and visual merchandising techniques

• be able to apply the knowledge gained in this MOOC to evaluate retail spaces and servicescapes

Also, you should have fun in this MOOC :-)