Jan 19th 2016

Solving Public Policy Problems: UC Berkeley’s Eightfold Path (edX)

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An introduction to Berkeley’s signature method for problem-solving in the public interest.

Interested in public policy thinking? This course will equip you to utilize a powerful, eight-step method for analyzing public policy problems and formulating recommendations for addressing them.

To help you learn the “eightfold path” to problem solving, you will review and enjoy lectures and presentations by faculty from UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, the top-ranked graduate academy in this field. You will examine specific policy examples and learn to apply this method to the social challenges you wish to concentrate upon in your own work.

And this course is just the beginning! Consider exploring graduate training in public policy. Earn a Masters in Public Affairs (MPA) degree from the Goldman School.

What you'll learn:

- Defining problems in public policy

- Constructing alternatives

- Projecting outcomes

- Confronting tradeoffs

- The relationship between politics and policy work