Software Testing Fundamentals (edX)

Software Testing Fundamentals (edX)
Learn how to locate software bugs and defects using the latest testing techniques. Want to gain software testing skills to start a career or are you a software developer looking to improve your unit testing skills?

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This course, part of the Software Testing and Verification MicroMasters program, will provide the essential skills you need for success.

Software needs to be tested for bugs and to insure the product meets the requirements and produces the desired results. Software testing is essential to providing a quality product.

Learn the techniques Software Testers and Quality Assurance Engineers use every day, which can be applied to any programming language and testing software.

No previous programming knowledge needed. This course will use Java and JUnit, however, for examples and assignments.

What you'll learn

- Develop, document and execute software test cases

- Create a software test to meet an objective

- Identify types of software defects

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